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Grunder Alfred Hodt

History Alfred Hodt

We are a company that was founded in 1913 and is operated by the fourth generation of the family. The second generation is killed in the war and the third generation in 1963 restarted the original division with oils and greases. 1975 division of the corrosion protection is newly recorded in 1982 in a separate GmbH continued to this day. The oils and fats division was under the same name as a sole proprietorship continued with a focus on fish oil, such as from the beginning. The division corrosion protection began with the representation of Eureka Chemical Company and its brand-name product, FLUID FILM, the now well-known and proven soft coating on lanolin base. The in shipping and offshore industry worldwide effective, economical, environmentally friendly and solvent-free FLUID FILM products are tested on millions m2 ballast water tank surfaces. Our newest product, Hodt MULTIFILM, convinced by its versatility. This solvent-free curing antirust makes both as a primer and as a topcoat valuable services. As a transparent varnish, it is suitable even excellent way to get original patina. Hodt MULTIFILM relies on an aqueous "hybrid" system, which hardens by oxidation and ensures high elasticity of the coating. With these features, it proved, inter alia, to in mechanical engineering and in the automotive and construction industries. Hodt MULTIFILM is to conquer on the way, other markets.